The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)

The frame of reference ensures comparability

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages makes language competence transparent and comparable. For each partial skill (listening, reading, writing and speaking) there are detailed descriptions of which language competence is achieved at which level.

Language level - what can I do when?

This chart gives you the answer. Below you see an exact description of the language skills you then will have.

They ask and answer short questions in daily business life, are able to make simple statements and find their way around in travel situations. You understand slow and clear speech even on the phone. You can read and understand simple texts, signs and instructions, fill in forms and write simple instructions.

In your field of work you represent your company in international contacts. You communicate in a targeted manner and are able to make differentiated statements. You will be able to follow conversations and telephone calls with increasing confidence. You understand standard business correspondence, reports and minutes and write simple business texts and minutes of results.

You are able to convincingly demonstrate your professional authority in the foreign language. You are able to work with project participants in their native language and spontaneously give short presentations. You are able to follow negotiations and presentations and are confident in difficult telephone conversations. You are able to read and understand challenging newspaper articles, trade journals and business reports.

You feel confident in communicating with people in their native language and successfully use your high level of language competence in all business situations. You are able to follow complicated negotiations at a normal pace and recognize idiomatic subtleties. You process documents at all levels of business communication. You are able to independently write speech manuscripts and reports on complex topics.

You communicate in the foreign language as naturally as in your mother tongue. You master the subtleties of the language and take an active and relaxed part in all business situations. You also feel completely confident on the phone. You read and understand every document effortlessly.