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High-quality language training is our mission


10 steps to language success

Language training is only successful if you have your language skills at hand at all times to suit the situation. This language success is no coincidence, but the result of careful planning. That's why inlingua creates an individual training concept for you that is tailored in all its components to your goals and tasks.


The inlingua service package in 10 steps

  1. Task: What challenges do you want to master with foreign languages?
  2. Classification: What level of knowledge can you build on?
  3. Needs analysis: Which competence level do you want to reach?
  4. Language goal: What is a realistic and motivating goal for you?
  5. Type of training: How do you achieve your goal most effectively?
  6. Training material: Which teaching material is best for you when actively speaking?
  7. Trainers: How are you supported by your inlingua trainers?
  8. Personal support: To what extent can we provide organizational support for your training?
  9. Education evaluation: How can you measure the success of your language training?
  10. Follow-up: Which transfer measures give you lasting security?

quality assurance

iQ: inlingua Quality

Quality is the basis of the inlingua network. Ensuring this is in the interest of all parties involved.

inlingua Center

In order to guarantee a worldwide uniform quality standard, inlingua centers are subject to a unique control system that applies to all services, the service and, of course, the training. The networked structure of the inlingua centers ensures worldwide benchmarking. inlingua International annually checks and renews the quality certificate of the inlingua centers.

inlingua Trainer

In order for the inlingua trainers to be able to optimally fulfil their role as instructors of their mother tongue, they receive well-founded language trainer training and ongoing advanced training. Pedagogical management and the owners of the individual inlingua centers also provide supervision and professional support.

inlingua customers

All participants receive regular feedback. The daily review of the pedagogical charts ensures that each training session is at the right pace.

Intermediate interviews document the participants' impressions of the course of the training. Possible points of criticism or suggestions are thus directly implemented in the ongoing training.

Final surveys, review tests and result analyses document the progress made and the training goals achieved.