The inlingua success factors

Make active use of our offer to promote your progress

The 6 inlingua success factors

To turn steps into progress.

You yourself are the focus of the inlingua training. The more actively you use our offer, the more you benefit from it.

Language training according to the inlingua method: This means active speaking from the first day of training. Because the best way to learn a language is to speak it. At inlingua you have every opportunity to do this.

The inlingua training material is exclusively available at inlingua. From entry level to specialist language competence. 

inlingua trainers are professionals and use the inlingua method and training material optimally for your success. They possess empathy and radiate a sociability that motivates you to speak.

The inlingua placement test gives a detailed overview of your current level of knowledge.

The result of the placement test plus your language target description: Together with you, we will agree on your personal training concept in the needs analysis.

Success is measurable. The inlingua education evaluation documents your progress and makes competence visible.

The training material

exclusive - practical - professional

All inlingua centers offer you a uniform pedagogical and communicative concept. The inlingua material comes from a single source, is optimally adapted to the inlingua method and is used worldwide.


The inlingua training material is exclusively available at inlingua: The experts at our development center in Berne always work closely with leading companies and scientists to produce up-to-date versions.


Every day, tens of thousands of participants worldwide learn with the inlingua material. Their experience and the input of the trainers are constantly incorporated into further development. The General Purpose Program (GPP) guarantees practical relevance in everyday life.


inlingua has developed the Accelerated Professional Program (APP) especially for job-oriented foreign language training. APP has a modular structure and covers all language levels. In addition to four introductory modules, you can choose your focus: Telephoning, Negotiating, Presentation, Meetings, Business Correspondence and Socializing across Cultures.

plus: From entry level to specialist language competence: Supplementary courseware reliably accompanies you through all training courses: CD, Cue Cards, CD-ROM and more.

The Trainers

profiled - qualified - motivating

inlingua Trainers

Language is not a series of words, but an interplay of different elements with which we communicate purposefully. In order to be able to use these elements according to the situation, you need trainers who present and clarify this interaction.

inlingua trainers are qualified

inlingua exclusively uses native-speaking professionals with academic training and excellent pedagogical skills.

inlingua trainers provide security

You have empathy and radiate a sociability that encourages you to speak.

inlingua trainers motivate

They help to overcome barriers and create a relaxed atmosphere of trust.

inlingua trainers work in a network

Before each training session, the trainer receives a briefing on the specific needs of the group from his Director of Studies, who provides technical support for the training.

inlingua trainers receive further training

inlingua trainers regularly take part in internal qualification seminars.

By the way

In the case of company groups and in-house training courses, you always have an additional contact person in addition to the trainer who keeps you up to date on the latest developments.


The needs analysis

individual - exact - goal-oriented

We will tailor the personal training concept to the result of the inlingua placement test and your detailed language target definition:

  • Participant-related training content based on the General Purpose Program (GPP) and the Accelerated Professional Program (APP).
  • A training guide links time budget, framework conditions, participant and company-specific goals.
  • A suitable form of training: individual training, training group, in-house training, training at home or abroad.

The three stages of the needs analysis

structured basic analysis

With the help of a structured questionnaire, inlingua determines for each participant individually which challenges, tasks and communication situations he will be confronted with in the future.

precise topic analysis

Depending on the task at hand, we supplement the participant requirement analysis with a topic-oriented analysis and determine your requirements in the areas of telephoning, business correspondence, etc.

Moderated determination of requirements

For company-specific tasks or large numbers of participants, we recommend our moderated group discussions with participants, project managers and managers. This enables us to plan training measures precisely and, for example, to develop documentation for them.


Education controlling and degrees

structured - measurable - recognised

The success of a language training course can be measured. inlingua education assessment makes progress and personnel development transparent.

  • Structured interim survey after start of training and analysis with the trainer. Possible points of criticism or suggestions are implemented directly during the ongoing training.
  • A participant feedback at the end of the training is the basis for further measures.
  • Presence statistics: As a company, you will receive feedback on this in relation to specific sections.
  • Regular review, progress and achievement tests document the milestones achieved.
  • The qualified inlingua participation certificate, which the participants receive at the end of the training, can also be linked to an attendance rate.
  • Participant-related recommendations for continuation and targeted follow-up packages motivate participants to move on to the next level of competence.