Become part of a multicultural team

As a language trainer at inlingua you have unique opportunities. First of all, you will receive a well-founded trainer education. You will then gain professional experience and continue your training. If you are interested, you can apply worldwide in the inlingua network and gain unlimited experience. For instance, after your first experience in Hamburg you could teach at inlingua-Bremen for another two years, and then go all the way to inlingua Bangkok or Barcelona. The sky is your limit!

inlingua is exciting

Whether as a trainer or in the office: at inlingua you will get to know the most diverse areas of (business) life.

  • You will experience motivated people with high goals and exciting plans.
  • You will get to know modern companies.
  • They work in active teams that support each other in their personal development.

inlingua is future-oriented

Training and further education: This is what we offer and this is what we demand of ourselves. The vision of a learning society - at inlingua it is already a daily reality.